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2012 Montgomery County Comprehensive Plan 

Objective of the 2012 Comprehensive Plan


Instead of heading down the “business as usual” path, this comprehensive plan helps chart a path toward a better future for the County.  The nearly unanimous sentiment that echoes loudly throughout the county is that more jobs and higher quality jobs are a priority and that some population growth is needed in order to realize these objectives.  Currently in the midst of a recession, these difficult economic times provide plenty of incentives to make positive changes that will improve economic competitiveness and enhance the quality of life for residents.  This plan represents a great opportunity for all of the County’s stakeholders to work collectively as a team to implement the recommendations created during the planning process.  With an unselfish and “can do” attitude, this community can realize a number of gains, not just in terms of economic development, but also in all aspects of community life.


Although there do not appear to be any immediate emergencies facing the County, there are a number of indicators that show there are reasons to act now to create a more positive future.  During these rapidly changing times, Montgomery County must find new ways to remain competitive as globalization shrinks the world.  Since the county shares many of the same challenges as other counties in the region, it must also take advantage of opportunities to address these through more cooperative regional efforts.  The recommendations included in this plan keep financial responsibility in mind and attempt to delicately balance various economic, environmental, and social sustainability principles.

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