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Ready to build or remodel your home or business in Montgomery County?  View our comprehensive list of businesses in the county that can help make your dream a reality.
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Hurst-Rosche Inc:  Hillsboro, IL  Phone:  217-532-3959

Lipe Architecture:  Nokomis, IL  Phone:  217-563-7836

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Building Contractors

Best Builders:  Litchfield, IL  Phone:  217-324-4036

Morton Buildings:  Litchfield, IL  Phone:  217-324-2002

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Concrete Contractors

Clayton Concrete:  Litchfield, IL  Phone:  217-313-6629

K W Concrete:  Litchfield, IL  Phone:  217-324-5294

S & S Complete Concrete LLC:  Litchfield, IL  Phone:  217-851-1922

Fuller Brothers Ready Mix:  Hillsboro, IL  Phone:  217-532-2422

PBI Redi-Mix & Trucking Inc:  Nokomis, IL  Phone:  217-563-7771

Red E Mix LLC:  Litchfield IL  Phone:  217-324-3983

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Dry Wall Contractors

J & C Drywall SVC:  Litchfield, IL  Phone:  217-324-6693

J & R Drywall Rodney & Jayleen:  Litchfield, IL  Phone:  217-313-0141

Rudolph Drywall:  Litchfield, IL  Phone:  217-324-0655

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Heating & Cooling Contractors

Ager's Heating & Cooling:  Hillsboro, IL  Phone:  217-532-5514

Bergie's Heating & AC:  Litchfield, IL  Phone:  217-324-3249

Blevin's Heating & Cooling LLC:  Litchfield, IL  Phone:  217-556-7879       

Bormida Mechanical SVC:  Farmersville, IL  Phone:  217-891-6701

C & C Heating & Cooling:  Nokomis, IL  Phone:  217-563-8522                                      

Contemporary Service:  Litchfield, IL  Phone:  217-324-6492

Ettling's Heating & AV:  Witt, IL  Phone:  217-594-7700

Lebeck Refrigeration Heating:  Harvel, IL  Phone 217-229-4295  

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Electric Contractors

Affordable Electric:  Nokomis, IL  Phone:  217-710-2401

D & M Electric Heating:  Litchfield, IL  Phone:  217-324-6922

Easterday Electrical:  Nokomis, IL  Phone:  217-563-7118

Hillsboro Electric:  Hillsboro, IL  Phone:  217-532-2991

Lyerla Electric:  Hillsboro, IL  Phone:  217-532-2885

McDice Electric:  Hillsboro, IL  Phone:  217-556-7678

Walch Electric:  Ramond, IL  Phone:  217-229-3211

Weitekamp Electric:  Witt, IL  Phone:  217-594-2421

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Prairie Engineers, P. ​C.:  Taylor Springs, IL  Phone:  217-532-9233

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Excavating Contractors

Cloyd Excavating Inc:  Litchfield, IL  Phone:  217-254-2105

Davis Wayne Backhoe & Trucking:  Litchfield, IL  Phone:  217-324-6341

Jacob Trucking & Excavating:  LItchfield, IL  Phone:  217-324-3265

Lessman Excavating:  Hillsboro, IL  Phone:  217-532-6265

Marburger Bulldozing Service:  Walshville, IL  Phone:  217-999-7388

Midwest Crane & Excavating:  Irving, IL  Phone:  217-533-4399

Winkler Excavating:  Donnellson, IL  Phone:  217-537-3035

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General Contractors

Advantage Construction:  Litchfield, IL  Phone:  217-324-4781

Dan Roach Construction:  Litchfield, IL  Phone:  217-556-8471

Eli-Lloyd Inc:  Litchfield, IL  Phone:  217-324-4856

Feldmann & Feldmann:  Butler, IL  Phone:  217-324-6909

Hardt Carpentry:  Litchfield, IL  Phone:  217-324-5608

Hollo Construction:  Litchfield, IL  Phone:  217-324-6201

Kinney Contractors Inc:  Raymond, IL  Phone:  217-229-3322

Krager Construction:  Harvel, IL  Phone:  217-229-3639

Lipe Construction:  Hillsboro, IL  62049  Phone:  217-532-2005

Marcolini Inc Construction:  HIllsboro, IL  Phone:  217-556-0042

R L Contractors:  Hillsboro, IL  Phone:  217-532-2732

Stewart Builders:  Hillsboro, IL  Phone:  217-532-5253

Thornton Construction:  Nokomis, IL  Phone:  217-820-8743

Water Solutions Seamless

White J L Construction:  Hillsboro, IL  Phone:  217-532-5873

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Home Builders

NAF Construction:  Litchfield, IL  Phone:  217-324-4239

Coventry Homes:  Litchfield, IL  Phone:  217-324-2255

Poggenpohl Construction & Materials:  Raymond, IL  Phone:  217-229-3411

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Landscape Contractors

Fenton Lawn Landscaping & Pool:  Hillsboro, IL  Phone:  217-532-5963

Image Design & Landscape:  Nokomis, IL  Phone:  217-563-2002

Seaton Landscape & Lawn Service:  Litchfield, IL  Phone:  217-556-2134

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Plumbing Contractors

A M Plumbing:  Hillsboro, IL  Phone:  217-532-5273

Bondurant Plumbing:  Hillsboro, IL  Phone:  217-532-5124

Dan Heise Plumbing & Heating:  Litchfield, IL  Phone:  217-324-3991

Lemarr Plumbing:  Litchfield, IL  Phone:  217-324-3363

Ryan's Plumbing & Heating:  Nokomis, IL  Phone:  217-563-7481

Sowarsh Plumbing:  Nokomis, IL  Phone:  217-563-2878

Vogel Plumbing:  Hillsboro, IL  Phone:  217-532-6639

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