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Village of Coalton Receives USDA Grant

The Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation (MCEDC) has announced that the village of Coalton has been awarded a grant for the purchase of a new dump truck through the USDA Rural Development Community and Facility Grant program.

The new truck will replace a very old and worn out piece of equipment. The truck will allow the village to continue daily operations such as road repair, park and water maintenance, snow and ice removal and clean-up of debris.

"This grant couldn't have come at a better time," said Village President Rick Clearlock. "Last year our mild winter meant we didn't have to put additional stress on a failing piece of equipment. The new truck is ready to go for any inclement weather that might be coming our way in 2018."

As a member of the MCEDC, the village was able to request assistance with the application process for this grant.

Pictured left to right are village of Coalton trustees Steven Lee, Mary Speier, Steve Kimbro and Tom Detmers.

"Economic Development encompasses a variety of different projects and this grant application proved to be critical for daily operations. I am pleased that MCEDC was able to assist the village," said Valerie Belusko, Montgomery County Economic Development Program Coordinator.

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