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Wine and Brew

Opera House Brewery 

These creative owners love their beer and their community!  

Brews are constantly changing and in the past have included:  Too Drunk Ho’s (pastry stout made with Ho-ho’s and chocolate pudding), Father Bob’s Birthday Cake (funfetti birthday cake with vanilla pudding), Hot Rod Honey (brewed with local honey), Copper Rabbit (Black Rabbit coffee base), Pour-a-Nora (a German Hefeweizen and one of their favorite to brew), Nice Grapefruits (a fantastic end of summer IPA. 5.5% with a distinct grapefruit finish), Second Hand Store (raspberry honey blonde) and Farm Town Brown  (Belgian farmhouse brown) just to name a few!  


If beer isn't your thing, they always have other fabulous drinks available so stop by today!


Opera House Brewery, located at 405 S. Main Street in Hillsboro, Illinois 62049.

This video was made possible by:  Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation (MCEDC) and Montgomery County Tourism. 

Forsee Vineyards and Winery

Established in early 2008, we are nestled in Montgomery County, Illinois, amongst a landscape of rolling hills, peppered with oaks and vines. We offer our guests several opportunities to share in our passion and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere.

We offer free wine tasting and a chance to experience something new on your next visit. If you've been here before, let us offer a wine pairing to change the experience of a wine you know. Step into the winery and observe our wine making and bottling process from the balcony or unwind on the patio with a glass of your favorite selection beneath a canopy of stately oak and hickory trees.

Forsee Vineyards and Winery is located at 18165 N 4th Ave Coffeen, IL 62017.  Phone: (217) 534-6347

Half Witt Winery

Established in August 2019, this winery has been been in the making for quite some time!  

Husband and wife duo, David and Gail, started making wine in 2012 and since that time have won over 30 medals in wine competitions in Illinois and Indiana.  Now you can enjoy their amazing wines at their uniquely named winery named after the town where it is located.

Half Witt Winery is located at: 240 North Hirst Street

Witt, Illinois.  Phone: (217) 594-7151

Half Witt Winery from FB_edited.jpg
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